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Vaccine Prep...Reducing those pesky symptoms.

Me taking a homoepathic remedy to prevent vaccine symptoms..... Not Yummy but not Bad!

As vaccines roll out, many people will stand in line to get them. There are so many questions on peoples’ minds. While I am not an expert in vaccines, I am a patient. Patients regularly ask if I will get the vaccine; I probably will because one of my main concerns is to take care of my patients. But, putting foreign agents into my body isn’t something I particularly love doing. So my main goal when I get a vaccine is to prevent the assault on my nervous system and pass through the process easily with as little effect on my body as possible. So I would like to share my “How to get a Vaccine tips.”

  1. Thuja – either in homeopathic form or in single element form. The goal of this homeopathic is to help the body work out diseases that are present whether through vaccines or getting a disease organically.

  2. Gotu Kola – Nervine to reduce the effect of vaccines on the nerves. This is helpful since fevers can cause pain in the muscles and deep ache within the body.

  3. Exercise – I like to exercise after a vaccine to move blood through the injection area this reduces soreness.

  4. Vitamin D 2,000iu – Helps boost the immune system but doesn’t interfere with the vaccine itself.

  5. Vitamin A – 10,000iu daily is helpful in reducing viral reactions when taken prior to a vaccine. Most research with Vitamin A toxicity requires 100,000iu daily for a little while (there have been concerns over taking an overdose of Vitamin A.)

  6. Vitamin C 2000mg – helps keep the immune system strong and responsive by supporting the immune system by stimulating macrophages to ingest and neutralize foreign particles. This also helps inhibit the histamine reaction during a slightly allergic reaction to vaccines. Use a buffered C to avoid stomach upset.

● I also like a homeopathic remedy that is a combination made by Professional Complementary Formulas called Childhood Vaccination Nosode Combination. I use this for my girls prior to vaccines and even for myself when I get travel vaccinations.

Vaccines have done a lot of good in our world but people still have reactions and it may not benefit all people and remember people do have allergies so make sure to choose for your family wisely.

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