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I haven’t written about vaccines before because I felt that it was an issue that’s very controversial and when making a decision about your child, you need to do the research and decide what’s best for you and your family.  I am going to share what I did, why I decided it, and some of the resources that I used.

We travel abroad a lot; particularly to Vietnam where Dr. Ho still has living family including Zara’s grandmother whom we will be seeing in August.  There are some particularly nasty bugs abroad that can be deadly to babies.  For me, I chose the vaccines against bugs I felt could be fatal to my daughter and declined or drastically postponed the rest. 

I recommend delaying or spreading out vaccinations if you are going to vaccinate at all. I look to Dr. Sears schedule and his book  “The Vaccine Book, Making the Right Decision for Your Child” for guidance on how to delay your vaccine schedule.  There are some other delayed schedules out there but this one is well researched with the largest study of mom’s following it.  The other delayed schedule that is getting traction is Dr. Bobs alternative vaccine schedule but not much is known about his schedule and thus I urge caution if using his. The other schedules can be good too so just make sure you are picking one that follow’s your philosophy.

If you are vaccinating whether following the doctor’s schedule completely or a delayed schedule; I do however strongly recommend a liquid homeopathic called Thuja.  Give this to your baby 2 weeks before the vaccine and 2 weeks afterwards. It helps the body mitigate any adverse reactions or some of the minor fatigue and irritability symptoms.

If you are not going to vaccinate, please fill out the legislative paper work that is allowed when entering children into school. Make sure to get a doctor signature. Word of caution; it is getting more difficult to find Pediatricians that work with parents that have chosen against vaccinations. 

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