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Virtual School Tips and tricks

Each school year, I have gone to the store and purchased the teachers list and I always got that excitement for my kids that I once had for myself as a child. This year even though as a California resident this meant virtual school, I was still excited with all the school supplies. There is nothing like new crayons and markers that makes you just feel good. But I usually did a lot of other preparations by getting my kids ready for school other than just buying the supplies. I want to share with you my preparation list for virtual schooling. So, during a normal year this means adjusting sleep schedules, supplements to support the immune system so they don’t bring every cold and sniffle home as well as back-pack, first-aid, and lock-down packets the school requires to have on hand in case of emergency. During virtual schooling, there are new challenges that arise.

  1. Have a quiet space that is the school space; school is loud but home is associated with other activities so quiet spaces help to increase success.

  2. With Wi-Fi issues, you may consider purchasing a cord and attachment that allow you to hook into the internet directly.

  3. Blue-light blocking glasses from Calm Optics for my Second Grader since she will spend a minimum of 3-4 hours Zooming with her class. Blue-light can cause eye strain, sleep disturbances, and brain changes.

  4. We started adjusting sleep schedules a few days ago by getting up at 7am since class is at 8:30am to get used to a school routine. This includes getting dressed and ready for the day. Some private schools are even having kids wear their uniform to help them feel like they are in school.

  5. Meal preparation on the weekends to prepare lunches in advance since I will be in the room for a good chunk of the school day. My second grader can’t manage all her own technology quite yet.

  6. Water bottle on her desk so she stays hydrated.

  7. We signed up for a Swim class for both my girls. This is to replace the Physical Education class they have normally at school. Swimming is one of the safest options since they maintain social distancing at the outdoor community pool and chlorine will kill viruses. My kids are so thrilled to have this class and it is their one outing a day they get to do at the local pool.

So while virtual schooling may not be ideal for the emotional health or physical health, we as parents can do our best to keep our children healthy whether it is going back in person on doing the Virtual schooling. We are making the best of this new reality.

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