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Morning Sickness

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

So during the weeks of 7-13 I have had pretty unpleasant morning sickness.  So as any good doctor I prescribed myself B6 and homeopathic Sepia.  Of course everyone should check with there doctor before deciding a dosage, I did my own and boy did this help tremendously.  I could tell that when I didn’t take the B-6 I would have a far worse day and be much more sick than when it was taken.  Since I was so sick I was also not able to my prenatal and we all know that folic acid is incredibly important so I found a yummy tasting liquid B6, which contained folic and B12 as well.  So for this period of time I wasn’t able to take my prenatal and they are still hard to take at times, but I always recommend taking the vitamins at lunch as it is much better for preventing getting sick with a bigger meal. 

Here is a picture of the one I took which is now after my experience available at our office.

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