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When Things don’t go as planned, but they are still perfect.

I am a Family Practice Chiropractor and I know a lot about homeopathy, botanical medicine and optimizing the pelvis in preparation for labor. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy will shorten your labor time and reduce the chances for back labor and a mal-positioned baby. Homeopathy can reduce labor time and help with pain management and stalled labors. Taking uterine tonifying herbs can help with labor and also help post-partum.  Acupuncture can help your birth as well as help induce labor.

My births although good, were not within the perimeter of what they should have been even with all of this knowledge.

I tell patients all the time what the average patient experience should be and advise them what the research says so it improves their chances for a better birth outcome.  But I now know that these are only statistics and they don’t mean a thing when you are the out-lier.

My first labor was 60 hours and it stalled and my second was 17 hours and 43 minutes and it also stalled.  I was a week late for both my births ( I think this is how are family rolls).  I needed pitosin both times which is something I wanted to avoid.  After these experiences, I have learned that my birth was my own; it was not in my plan, but 2 healthy beautiful girls and the love and support of my family, doula and birth professionals made me love my story and be thankful for it.

The Birthing from Within was a class that helped prepare me to accept my story and make the correct decisions during my birth and not feel guilty about my decisions.

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