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Breast Trouble

Some of the many things that can happen to a new mom when breastfeeding are mastitis, plugged ducts, yeast on the nipples and low milk production. Combine this with fatigue and taking care of a new baby and any one of these can be enough to tempt you to give up breastfeeding.

Unfortunately I have had to deal with mastitis as well as a plugged duct. In fact a plugged duct often precedes mastitis since it means that a milk duct isn’t draining allowing an infection to take over in that duct. Mom then gets a fever, fatigue, flu- like symptoms and a red streak across the breast.

There are some natural ways to prevent and treat both if you catch them in time. However, if you don’t catch it quickly then you may need an antibiotic. This doesn’t mean however that you can’t get another infection or round of mastitis as I did. So you will want to take supportive measures along with the antibiotics.

I took Dicloxacillin for the first round. I got a second infection while on the antibiotics meaning that the antibiotic was not effective in treating the infection. They gave me a different antibiotic (Cephalexin) my third time around.

For natural support and to prevent getting another infection I also am taking:

  • Lecithin Granules helps with milk flow from the ducts and can prevent further plugging. Talk to your doctor about which form is best for you.

  • Grapefruit seed extract -- natural anti- yeast/bacteria. Please check with your doctor as not all women can take this.

  • Fenugreek to boost milk production

Always remember taking care of yourself is important and absolutely necessary if you are going to breastfeed because a sick body won’t produce enough milk for baby.

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