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Outrageous Outgrowns Outrageous Outgrowns has been in business for more than 15 years, bringing Bay Area families together for a huge semi-annual sale. Families can sell items their kids no longer need and buy items they will soon need. We all know that kids grow way too fast to pay high retail prices, and you don’t have to! Every item at the show is hand-checked for quality, so you won’t find anything but gently used (or new) stuff for your kids at prices you won’t believe! And for your convenience, all clothing is hanging on racks, sorted by size and gender. All other items are sorted by category and neatly arranged. It’s easy to shop because you can easily find the items you’re interested in. Dr. Walker Found lots of great items last year for her baby and this year she and Zara are going again for some toddler toys and cloths.

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