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Baby Carriers

So I have made my first baby purchase for myself and as any good self respecting Chiropractor it is the carrying device that I will want to use while pregnant.  Patient’s often ask me which one they should get and I have my two favorites (always subject to change as technology does) the Moby Wrap and the Ergo Baby.  I have purchased the Moby Wrap for myself based one major factor, and that is the time of year the baby is born.  The Ergo Baby comes with an infant insert, which can be very warm, and I have even seen babies get hot in November so I picked the Moby.  There is one down side to the Moby versus the Ergo Baby and that is the easy of putting it on.  The Moby does take getting used to but is pretty easy with just a smidge of practice.  A helpful tip I have learned from experienced Moby wearers is, when running errands don’t take it off each time you get in the car just remove baby wear it till the next stop and place baby back into the wrap.   So I got a very boring color that way it isn’t feminine and my husband can wear it also, but more importantly I got it on Craig’s List for a great price.   

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