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The Sippy Cup

When introducing a sippy cup you will read that it is important to make sure and use at least two kinds. Personally I prefer the sippy cup that has a straw attached to it. This will teach your little one the wonderfully convenient skill of using a straw. Then when you are at someone’s house and you have forgotten the sippy cup or at a restaurant, all you need is a straw for him or her to have a functioning drink option. The second reason that I worry about the other form of sippy cup is based on this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Whichever you choose, here are some tips I found helpful in selecting a sippy cup for Zara. Look for a cup that:

  • Has a section where mom or dad can give it a squeeze to help them learn how to suck

  • You can clean the straw or mouthpiece with a small wire brush

  • Is a safe plastic, glass or stainless steel

  • Doesn’t leak or only leaks minimally when in a bag or being twirled in the air

I purchased two kinds:

  1. The Little Sipper with a straw from Munchkin

  2. The Safe Sippy with a straw.

And after about a week she can even use a straw!

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